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Seedlets Gardening Equipment – Review



It’s been the first day we have got out in the garden for a week due to the rain and I was amazed to see our sunflowers still growing so well. It reminded me that I hadn’t shared our review of the Seedlets gardening tools. These tools are from the Blue Peter gardener Chris Collins. They are perfectly designed for little hands. The Seedlets website is really fun as well with lots of fun facts about plants.


They look great and are in bright attractive colours but other than that they are simply mini versions of adult gardening tools. I have bought things for the girls in the past that are really just toys – they look fun but are useless for actual gardening. Seedlets garden tools are hardwearing and tough and you will be able to use them to grow things in the garden.


We were sent a beautiful watering can, some seeds – three mini sized tools: a trowel, shovel and fork and some gardening gloves. The gloves were a big hit. They meant Molly got a bit more stuck in and wasn’t so scared she was going to touch a prickle or get really dirty. The tools are in three stages so it is easy to find the perfect size for each child. I think this is a great idea – and I haven’t seen it anywhere else. The tools for older children look more grown up and there are some really fun things like a rain gauge and insect hotel. So much thought has gone into what children actually need to get them gardening.

This is a set which will be used for many years. I think it would be a brilliant present as it is so useful. Now lets just hope some of the green fingered magic rubs off on me and I manage to grow some beautiful plants this year.


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