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Secret Meaning of Flowers


There is nothing better than taking a walk through a beautiful flower meadow, or a wood covered with a carpet of petals. The colour and fragrance are wonderful for your mood (and of course the photos look wonderful on Instagram). I love the fact that flowers have hidden meanings. You can find out the true meaning of flowers in this blog post from Flying Flowers

I think flowers hold a very personal meaning too. Last weekend we took a walk around the Confetti Fields in Worcestershire. It was lovely because it reminded me of the petals I had delphinium petals on the tables at my wedding. I also love Gypsophila because we had large vases full of the tiny bloom on the tables at the wedding. It looked so pretty and delicate.


I think the flower which is the most fun to grow with children is the sunflower. It is so exciting to see it growing taller and taller. The large colourful petals are so cheerful and happy and are such a lovely sign that Summer is coming. We grew this flower from a seed planted at Nursery and Molly was so excited to take it in to show her teacher when it had grown really tall.

Bluebell Walk

There is something so lovely about walking through the woods. The air makes you feel better. A walk through the bluebells woods feels like you are in a magical kingdom. It is such a lovely adventure. We love the Wooten Wawen Bluebell Woods. They look so stunning with a mass of blue flowers. It is like stepping into a story book and I have such wonderful memories of taking the girls there. lavender fields

A trip to the Lavender fields is a lovely way to spend a summer day. As well as the fabulous colour, it also smells amazing and the air is filled with the sound of happy bees. The smell of lavender is very soothing so you come away feeling particularly relaxed.

Charlotte rose

My favourite flower is, like many others, the rose. I love the fact there are so many different varieties. The flowers are beautiful to look at and smell divine. I had a bouquet of white roses at my wedding. It is fragile but can protect itself with its sharp thorns. I have a beautiful climbing rose bush which was taken from my Nan’s garden. When we moved house we brought a small shoot with us and it is starting to grow I’m hoping next year it will bloom. One of my daughters is named Rose and I think the name is very apt. My favourite rose is the Charlotte rose because it is named after my other daughter. It has lots of pale yellow petals and is very pretty. The meaning behind yellow roses is happiness, which is just perfect.

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