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Seals In the City at The Sealife Centre Birmingham

Last week we were invited to the press night of Seals in the City at the Sealife Centre Birmingham to meet Miley and Boo the new seals in the new world-class Mammal Rescue Facility. We visited the Sealife Centre Birmingham recently and saw that something new was being built. One of the things we love about the Sealife Centre is how there is always something new to see.

The seal area has been cleverly designed so you can see them on several different levels. We were surprised when we went around the corner and saw their adorable heads poking out of the water.

You can see Miley and Boo diving under the water and also popping their heads up on the surface. There is also a land area where visitors can enjoy seeing the seals on land. The area has received a multi million pound makeover. It looks, smells and sounds like the natural habitat marine mammals are accustomed to. You can see how it was developed here.

The best part for the kids is the viewing area. You go through a tunnel and appear right in the middle of the enclosure. The curious seals come really close so you have an incredible chance to see them up close.

This was amazing and was really popular, as you can imagine. It could have done with a member of staff to ensure children had an equal time inside the enclosure.

The new additions make your trip to the Sealife Centre even more special. Miley and Boo have medical conditions which will prevent them from ever surviving in the wild and have been rehomed from other sealife centres to make space for seal pups.

The Mammal Rescue Facility is a welcome addition to the saline centre. You can buy your own cute seal to remember the day.

Watch our Youtube walkthrough here:

Disclaimer: We were invited to the VIP opening event for the purposes of this review.

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