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Schleich Horses Review

This week we did a Schleich horses review. the girls already have a few zoo and farmyard animals and I have always been impressed with the quality of the toys and the accurate depiction of the animals. I think of them as heirloom toys and I will definitely be keeping them in the loft to pass on to children in the future.

Schleich Horses Review
Schleich Horses in their natural habitat
Schleich Horses Review
The horses get a proper workout

The ponies are a new product range from Schleich’s World of Nature. They are aimed at girls from 5 – 8  years  and launched at Toy Fair 2013. Schleich’s new braided horses collection have been created with realistic attention to detail. each horse has its own look and seemingly personality.

Schleich Horses reviewed by young kids

The girls really loved the Schleich horses and seemed especially drawn to their lovely braided manes. They played a game where some of the horses were the mummy horse and they were trying to find the baby horse. They also had them jumping at the gymkhana and winning medals. I would definitely recommend these horses to buy.

They are inexpensive and you can build a lasting collection for your children and add to it each birthday and Christmas. There are so many possibilities for play and for learning about the natural world with this collection.

White Schleich Horses

RRP: Stallion: £5.99; Mare: £5.99; Foal: £3.99

Disclaimer: I was sent the toys for the purposes of this review. 

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