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Save your Cash: Creating a Capsule Maternity Wardrobe

Preparing for the birth of your baby is one thing. Keeping yourself looking and feeling great during the nine months previous is another. It can be a true rigmarole to try and make yourself feel like a fashionista when you’re with bump. There’s so much to get used to – not least of which is the ever-changing body shape.

While there is an array of maternity ranges available at ASDA George, it can be an expensive business and in many cases, it’s a reluctant cost compared with all the other preparations you have to pay for. After all, whatever clothing you do invest in, you’ll only be wearing for nine months at the most. It’s no wonder many people wonder why they should bother at all, instead opting for elasticated joggers and unbuttoned flies.

The good thing is it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to clad yourself with some capsule essentials that will help to make you look and feel fab. While high street stores can get a little pricey, supermarket lines such as George at ASDA can provide fabulous clothes at affordable prices. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t feel gorgeous, and you can, at bargain prices, with George.

For the Job

Many women head for the office up until the last few weeks of their pregnancy and there’s nothing worse than sitting in a stuffy room behind a desk when 8 months pregnant. Your usual workwear may not fit your growing bump so opt for some comfortable, extending waist trousers and some pretty and airy tunic blouses to wear when you’re at work.

At home

There’s nothing better than the comfort of your own home, where you can really relax and slob out without having to make a lasting impression. Pick up some invaluable leggings for the casual look and team with longline tops to cover the growing bump.

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Out to Town or Visiting Friends and Family

While you’re out doing your supermarket shop or visiting your friends for a mug of decaf, you’ll want to look casual but comfortable. Invest in some good pairs of maternity jeans, which are readily available in several cuts, at George.

It depends on personal taste, but there are over the bump and under bump options that grow with you, meaning you shouldn’t need to buy more as you reach full term.

You can also buy bump bands to help retain modesty if you choose a top that doesn’t have a longer line.

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Out on the Tiles

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you should shut yourself away from the world until your baby is born. Whether it’s a meal at a local restaurant, a family occasion or a night out with friends, having something a little special to wear will make you feel fabulous.

Wrap and maxi dresses with funky accessories will look great and make you feel a little glam even if, beneath it all, you’re suffering from a bout of reflux.

With so many things to think about when you’re preparing for a baby, the last thing you need to do is panic over your wardrobe. Invest in some essential items and concentrate on everything else on your checklist to keep you stress-free until Labour Day.

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