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Santa’s Rooftop Scramble Review

santa's rooftop scramble

If you are looking for a fun game to play at Christmas then Santa’s Rooftop Scramble Game from Ravensburger could be the one for you. It is always hard finding things to keep the children entertained in the run up to Christmas. The combination of over excitement and winter weather is not a good one. A game which is Christmas themed is perfect for those long Winter evenings.

Ravensburger Santa's Rooftop Scramble Game
Santa’s Rooftop Scramble Review

The Santa’s Rooftop Scramble game is fun

The main aim of the game is to act like Santa and deliver all the presents through the roof tops. This is great fun and the children really enjoyed putting the presents into the houses.

We played a simpler version of the game with the twins, who are 3 and that worked well. It was a great introduction to using a game dice. In future we are going to keep it for a bit of quiet time with our eldest when the twins are asleep.

The box is sturdy and this is particularly important as we will be putting it away in the loft after Christmas and we don’t want to get it damaged. the game is for children aged 5+ and that is definitely the right age as, although it is easy to set up there are a few instructions.

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Game Play

The game is really easy to get ready to play. The board is bright and colourful and the pieces you play with are little Santas with different coloured Santa suits.

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Ravensburger Santa's Rooftop Scramble Game

The game is a step up from simply going round and round and you do need to use a bit of strategy. It is suitable for 2-6 players so great for a mixed family gathering.

How Could It Be Improved

The reason for the age rating is the fact some details need to be remembered. For example, a letter from a child is given our o each player saying what you want for Christmas. Players have to remember what they want and what house they are at. This is tough for smaller kids. However, it’s great challenge for older kids as it practices numbers and reading skills.


At under £15 it is a good investment for this time of year. I think this is a game we will be playing for years to come.

Ravensburger Santa's Rooftop Scramble Game


This is a brilliant game to have in the cupboard and get out at Christmas time. It’s a fun game for older kids and it helps to teach taking turns and social skills.

Disclaimer: We were sent the game for the purposes of this review

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