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Safety Tips For A Woman Solo Traveler

Traveling solo is an exciting prospect for any woman, but it requires a lot of courage to embark on a trip alone. Despite everything you hear about gender equality, some parts of the world still aren’t safe for women. Being alone in an unknown city makes you a tad more vulnerable. But you need not worry because only a little caution keeps you safe, no matter where you are. Here are some actionable safety tips that a woman solo traveler can follow to stay safe at all times.

Research Your Destination

When you plan a trip, it makes sense to research your destination from the security perspective. It becomes all the more vital for women planning to explore a new city or country on their own. Thankfully, you can gather all information you need from the internet. Study the dangerous parts and steer clear of them while creating your itinerary. You can also talk to someone who has been there. If a destination sounds too dangerous, skip it completely.

Carry Safety Essentials

If you still want to holiday in a tricky destination or have to do it as a part of your job, don’t forget to pack your safety essentials. Some countries allow you to take a bullet proof vest along, but you need to check the airline policies and local regulations before packing it in your luggage. Remember that you cannot wear it on the flight. You can carry pepper spray in your baggage and keep it in your bag while exploring your destination. 

Choose Your Accommodation Carefully

A solo woman traveler should be extra conscious about choosing her accommodation. Avoid shady hotels located on the outskirts, no matter how attractive their deals may sound. As a rule, choose an accommodation in a safe and crowded area where you can get help if you need it. Go through the reviews of the hotel before booking it. Share the landline number with family or friends back home.

Follow The Basic Safey Rules

You may be in the safest city in the world, but not sticking to the basics can get you in trouble. Follow the essential rules such as staying indoors at late hours, avoiding lonely places after it gets dark, and not befriending strangers. Avoid accepting food and drink from anyone you don’t know, no matter how friendly they are. Never flaunt valuables, rather don’t carry a lot of cash, jewelry, or expensive stuff that catches attention. Share your whereabouts with someone back home constantly. 

Always Use Your Common Sense

If you are traveling solo, you need to use your common sense at all times. Start with some preparation even before you embark. For example, you can take a language course and self-defense training to be confident while alone. You can read more articles to know all about body armor and how you can use it to your advantage. Go through real-life experiences of female travelers who have been to places alone and handled dangerous situations with their smartness and presence of mind. 

Traveling solo can be an eye-opener for a female traveller, but you have to be watchful about personal safety. Just follow these tips, and you will never get into trouble. 

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