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Safe Backyard Activities and Tips for Kids

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When it comes to your backyard it is a relaxing place for you, your friends and your partner. However, when children come along, it can become less of a place of haven and more of a play area for fort making, soccer practices and more! You don’t need to let your paradise be overrun by climbing structures and a million plastic toys. There are a lot of ideas to transform your garden into a place that you as the parent can enjoy as well as your children. 

  1. Think Natural: When it comes to your space, nobody knows it better than you. Use your imagination and create simple areas out of natural materials you might already find in your area. Perhaps you have a tree stump and you could make it into a seat area for your children to read or a part of a fun obstacle course that your bouncy kids can use. If you wanted, you could place a few stepping stones across the lawn or even paint or decorate them together as a family. While you are pruning your garden, instead of throwing it away, leave a small pile for your children to explore and challenge them to make something with it. 
  1. Prepare For Play: If you are redesigning your backyard, is it worth incorporating your children’s ideas into the design. A stainless steel slide was included in the step construction, with a simple sand pit at the bottom. The result is a stylish garden that looks good to you and also allows your kids to burn energy and not dig through your garden. Look over what type of swing set or play equipment you could add. Do you need to find a structure that goes horizontal to take up space or vertical to add more space. The choice is yours. 
  2. Add Fun Paths: Kids love to ride on anything that has shells so add a few fun surfaces to do so. You could add some paving or decking on which they can scoot, roller blade or cycle. A patio is great but if you want to be adventurous, consider designing a curved path. One that wiggles its way around a beautiful garden that you are proud to show off can be more fun to enjoy than just a straight path. It could also inspire a range of races, games or other activities moving forward for you and your children to enjoy together. 
  1. Sensory Garden: One way to get your children involved in the backyard and gardening is creating a sensory garden. For sight, look for bright colored flowers that awaken their sight including marigold sunflowers or swiss chard. From there, look for rattling seed heads to listen to or rustling grass that gives their ears a symphony. When thinking of smells, look for curry plants or chocolate cosmos and for taste buds, grow simple herbs they can actually taste such as mint, basil or chives or even a pot of strawberries. 
Photo on Unsplash
  1. Fence It In: One of the big things of having a backyard to some is making sure that everything stays looking nice as well as contained- children being one of them. If you aren’t sure what type of fence you should get, check into Brazilian Wood Depot. They offer a variety of fencing options including vertical ipe fencing which is popular and simple to maintain for beauty but also requires a great functionality and longevity for families. 
  1. Install Trampolines: Nothing keeps children excited and getting energy out than bouncing up and down for hours at a time. While there are many great trampolines out there on the market, one that is the safest is having it installed into the ground. They take up a lot of space but it’s a fantastic option, you can either do it yourself or hire a professional to install it for you. As well as looking nice, it also is likely to not blow over if you have high winds and your children can’t fall off of it. 
  1. Look For Storage Space: When having even just one child, they come with a lot of items and that then comes with clutter. Look to find an easy access storage idea to hide all of their outdoor activities and keep it out of the rain. Add some space under a deck or choose a garden seat storage or built in containers somewhere where they have easy access to help put their items away. Label the bins and encourage them to help tidy up after themselves. 

There are many more exciting activities for your kids to do for a safe garden and backyard areas for everyone in the family to enjoy the space. Ask neighbors how they help incorporate their kids to enjoy the backyard and designate zones with them to have a space of their own as well as yourself. 

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