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Rose Petal Art For Children

Rose petal art -a lovely art idea for kids

Some activities you know you will return to again and again with children. My girls loved creating art with rose petals. It is definitely something we will be doing in the holidays. These are photos from last year which I never got round to writing about. It is acting as a reminder for my to do this activity again.

Rose Petal Art For Children
Rose Petal Art For Children: Star with some nice roses

It started with me getting some beautiful roses. They looked lovely, but I hate it when they are starting to get past their best and only a few flower heads remain.

Rose Petal Art For Children petals
Collect some lovely petals

I thought it would be nice to collect all the petals together so the girls could play with them. This is a lovely sensory play activity in itself. The petals feel so soft and they smell delicious.

Rose Petal Art For Children materials
Get the materials ready
Rose Petal Art For Children
The petals ready for creating

The twins just loved exploring the petals

I started off just giving the girls the petals along with some art materials, glue, glitter and sequins. They soon got stuck in. The twins were 3 at the time and simply enjoyed sticking the petals onto paper with sequins.

Rose Petal Art For Children
Making the pictures was lots of fun
Rose Petal Art For Children
Rose Fairy made by me

This was such a lovely set up I just had to join in. I thought they would make beautiful flower fairies. This was Rose Fairy.

rose petal art
Outlined with black ink

I liked the first drawing but it stood out more with a black outline. 

rose petal art
Rose Fairy made by kids

Molly loved this idea and made her own flower fairy using the petals. She was 6 when she created this. I can’t wait to try again and see how their art has developed. 

We also made a butterfly from the petals.

This was the twins slightly abstract artwork. It is still really beautiful.

rose petal art
Rose butterfly
rose petal art
Abstract rose petal art
rose petal art
A lovely picture using Rose Petal Art

 If you pressed the petals first it would make a lovely card. 


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rose petal art for kids

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