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Rice Crispie Cakes

rice crispie cakes

We love making rice crispie cakes. They are really great for young children because it doesn’t matter if they eat some of the mix before it is ready. Also they are quick to make – toddlers especially find it very hard to wait for a cake to be cooked. The fact they can eat one straight away even before it has gone in the fridge is a real bonus. Of course we mainly have these at Easter – it’s almost become a traditional food for us. They just look so cute as nests and it works really well as a way to use up all that extra chocolate lying around. This is our favourite easter nests recipe using marshmallows. Yum!

Easter nests

As it isn’t easter I thought it would be nice to make a lighter recipe with out the chocolate. These are even sweeter (if that’s possible). I love the fact they only use 4 basic ingredients: cereal, golden syrup, sugar and butter. It means you can make a batch with what you already have in the house. You can also use cornflakes if you prefer.

6oz (180g) Rice Crispies

8 tsps 140g golden syrup

2 tsp (30g) of sugar

2tsp (30g) of butter

Melt the butter, golden syrup and sugar.

Stir in the rice crispies.

Divide into the cake cases.

Put in the fridge for at least 30mins.

rice crispie cakes

After we had finished the girls decided that they wanted them to look pink. So we added a small amount of icing and finished with a sprinkle of chocolate stars. They look really pretty and definitely went down well with the girls.


To go with their cakes the girls also demanded hot chocolate. This is their current favourite treat ever since they  watched The Polar Express. They have to dance and sing the song while I am making it. Of course hot chocolate is always improved with an extra spoonful of sugar and a sprinkling of chocolate stars. Yum.


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