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Review of Whirlee Ride-on from Mookie Toys

Why is it no matter how many toys you have the children always seem to fight over the same ones? We have two ride ons at home and three girls. Of course they all decide they want a go at the same time. So I was delighted to review a Whirlee ride on from Mookie toys. This is suitable for 1-4s so great for all my girls.


The Whirlee is a really simple ride on toys with 360 degree wheels so it can turn easily in any direction. It’s small and light so doesn’t take up much space and can be easily stored in the broom closet. It’s a good toy for taking with you on holiday or to a friends house as it’s so light.

The handle is great for moving it around easily and it’s such a bright colourful design. It’s also good to see a children’s toy that isn’t pink for girls!

The Whirlee doesn’t have the flashing lights and music as some ride ons do but I think it benefits from that. It’s much faster than the other ride ons we have and you can spin about much more so it’s really fun. Best of all it’s stopped the arguments. Well for now anyway.

Disclaimer: I was sent a Whirlee to review. The views expressed are my ow and remain honest.

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