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Review of Plum Baby food – toddler bars

We were sent some rather delicious Strawberry Cheesecake Oaty Chomps by Plum Baby food. I was a big fan of Plum when I was weaning the twins and thought their flavour combinations were really innovative and tasty. It was good to be able to provide the twins with something healthy and easy on days when we were out and about.

The bars are specifically designed for toddlers from 12 months. These bars are packed full of organic oats and quinoa and naturally sweetened with raisins and strawberry. They are really quite tasty and I didn’t mind having a bit myself. The oats are very soft and chewy and they really fill you up. At 20g they are the perfect size for little hands to hold and feed themselves. With no added sugar or salt these are a great snack to keep them going in between meals.

The bars cost £1.99 which is a lot for a pack of 5, it’s not going to last very long in our house. However, these sort of snacks are often on offer and I would buy a few in the supermarket if I saw them as they are so easy for taking with you to give a quick snack on the go. 

Big sister wants a try

  If you are weaning your child then the Plum team have come up with a new app to help. It offers straightforward advice on all aspects of weaning. It has a little bit of humpour which is good becaiuse it can get a bit stressful, especially as there is often so much conflicting advice around weaning. This is available as a free app, so parents can use it when they’re out shopping and there is even a cooking section where you can find some Plum recipes. 

To access the App just go to the App Store and search on Plum Baby. 

Can I have some more? 

To find out more about Plum visit

Disclaimer: I was sent some bars for the purposes of this review

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