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Reasons to be cheerful – Snow Days

1. I know, I know, it’s only snow. A few drops of the fluffy white stuff and the whole country grinds to a halt. Schools close and children through themselves down icy slopes with carefree abandon. Snow is mentioned on the news, and in a hundred facebook status updates. I’ll admit I haven’t added any pictures onto my profile for months but at the first sign of snow I was busy uploading. Why? Because to me there’s nothing prettier than a picture of happy children playing in the snow.

So I know you’ve seen a million photos all looking the same as these. But these photos are the ones I’ll look back on all year and smile. Also there has to be some advantage to living in the midlands. Later in the year I’ll be frowning in envy at all the beach shots from my friends and relatives who still live near the sea. So just for this moment I can be the one to inspire envy as the snow never seems top get as far as the M3.
This week it was perfect. Two days of lovely slippy snow, perfect for snowmen and sledging and then pretty much gone in time for the school run. For once the weather got it right. Thank you mother nature.

2. Yay my lovely hotter boots have arrived and they are gorgeous, perfect for this time of year. They are so cosy and warm I don’t think I’ll ever take them off. Ever. Thanks Mich for the wonderful prize what a wonderful way to celebrate a year of reasons to be cheerful. Once again proof that blogging is ace!

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