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Reasons for the Temperature Imbalance in Your Home

Reasons for the Temperature Imbalance in Your Home

Your home is a place you expect to feel as comfortable as possible, and it can be frustrating wanting to experience the opposite climate of what your house is providing. As you crank up the thermostat in vain, you feel like you might as well be burning your money. Get to the root of the issue, so you no longer have to do this. Here are some reasons for the temperature imbalance in your home.

Inadequate Insulation

If you own an older home, this will likely be the reason for your temperature imbalance. Nonetheless, poor insulation can happen in a house of any age. You may have noticed that no matter how high your heat bill is, you still find yourself with the shivers in the wintertime. A telltale sign of poor insulation is having thin or cold walls and feeling any air leaking from closed windows.

Rough Roofing

Perhaps you have found yourself sweating buckets in the summer. No matter how many fans you turn on, it seems like your house has decided to rebrand itself as a sauna. If you have been in this type of predicament, your kind of roofing may play a hand.

For the most part, the different types of roofing provide the same quality of insulation, but they have varying purposes. Steel, copper, and aluminum roofing may be your best choices if over-heating is the issue since it will reflect any heat rather than absorb it. Moreover, metal roofing is highly energy-efficient and won’t have you fanning yourself the next time you get your energy bill.

Dismal Ductwork

One of the main reasons for the temperature imbalance in your home is having leaky ductwork. Check out the joints where your HVAC vents connect, as most leaks tend to occur there. The symptoms for this type of imbalance are like those above. However, if you have extreme amounts of dust in your house, your ductwork may be the culprit; the bright side to this problem is that it’s relatively simple to fix.

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