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Rapunzel Costume for World Book Day

Rapunzel Costume for World Book Day
Rapunzel Costume for World Book Day

World Book Day is fast approaching and the scramble for a brilliant costume is on. For a lot of people making a costume isn’t an option but they still want something lovely to wear. This costume from party delights is a good option because it is such a well loved children’s story it is perfect for World Book Day but also will be used for dressing up time and time again.

This costume is really detailed with lots of shiny satin and lace. There is even a brooch with a picture from the film on it.

Rapunzel Costume for World Book Day detail
The detail on the dress is excellent

Molly chose Rapunzel because I cut her hair recently and she wasn’t very happy as she wanted it to be as long as Rapunzel’s. The dress comes with a lovely hair extension which you can use to pretend to be in the fairytale. The hair piece stays in well and it comes in two parts which means you don’t have to wear the full braid at school as it is very long. I love the yellow flower on it and the shiny gold thread woven into the braid – it makes it even more special.

Rapunzel Costume for World Book Day relaxed
Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 20.29.11

This is a really lovely costume which will make any little girls feel special. 

There are so many costumes on Party Delights I am sure there is something which every child would love – from Where’s Wally to the Hungry Caterpillar. There are even costumes for the teachers. I also like some of the costumes for different school themes – like Victorians. It is definitely a good site to bookmark and has lots of other party related goodies too at reasonable prices. There is even a 24hr delivery option – so great if you have forgotten to get a costume!

Disclaimer: I was sent the costume for the purposes of this review. 

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