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Rainy Day Activities For Toddlers

rainy day activities for toddlers

It’s been pouring down all day. Of course it has – it’s half term week. We had to go out for swimming lessons this evening but there didn’t seem like much point going anywhere the rest of the day. So we had the age old dilemma – what to do with three under five year olds, in the house all day?

I made a list of our top 5 toys for children at the weekend and it made me think of the games we would play when I was little and it was raining. My mum would get all the toys out, not just one box. Farms, trains, animals, dolls, cars: everything we had. My favourite toys were Care Bears and My Little Pony and they would be included. The whole floor would become a world and we could spend all day building and making and playing. Of course then I wouldn’t have to worry about the tidying up.

So today we got out our favourite toys. We built huge train tracks and put in a zoo in the middle with all the animals. Then it was lunchtime so we had to make a tea shop so out came the Happy Land toys. I think tomorrow we will have have a visit from the Toy Story Lego. That’s if it’s still raining. I almost hope it is.

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