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Rainbow Fish Costume

finished Rainbow Fish Costume

This is the Rainbow Fish costume we made for World Book Day. I am not the best at sewing but this is something even I could do without too much stress. It took one evening to make and was very cheap to make. We love the Rainbow Fish Book so it was an obvious choice to make a costume!

What You Will Need To Make Your Rainbow Fish Costume

  • Rainbow coloured felt
  • Shiny silver material
  • Old T-shirt
  • Alice band
  • Sewing kit 
Rainbow Fish Costume materials
Costume materials

Method: Making Your Rainbow Fish Costume

  • Cut the felt into scales.
  • Place the felt into position in lines. Start from the bottom. Sew onto the t-shirt so they overlap. 
Costume almost made
Costume almost made
Rainbow Fish Costume little helper
Little helper

To make the headband

  • Cut the felt into long strips about 5mm in width.
  • Tie onto an Alice band.
  • Trim the ends so it looks neat. 
Rainbow Fish Costume hairstyle
Rainbow Fish hairstyle

The Finished Costume

This was a good costume for wearing at school because the back was plain so it was suitable for sitting down. It did last pretty well during the day, although a couple of scales did fall off. Someone with better sewing skills than me would be able to do this better, I’m sure.

Rainbow Fish Costume
The finished costume!

 The Rainbow Fish is a really beautiful book suitable for infant aged children. The pictures are stunning and it teaches the lesson of sharing in a sweet accessible way.

Other Ideas To Add More Wow Factor To Your Costume

You can make a rainbow fish headband using a plain headband, some felt, and some glitter glue. Cut out some fish scales from different colours of felt and glue them onto the headband in a rainbow pattern. Then, add some glitter glue to make them sparkle. You can also add a googly eyes and a mouth to the front of the headband to make it look like a fish face. This is a simple and fun way to accessorize your costume.

You can also make a rainbow fish tail using some cardboard, fabric, and elastic. Cut out a large fish tail shape from cardboard and cover it with fabric of your choice. You can use the same colours and materials as your headband or skirt, or mix and match them for a more creative look. Then, attach some elastic straps to the sides of the tail so you can wear it around your waist. You can also add some glitter glue or sequins to the tail to make it shine.

Another idea is to make a rainbow fish necklace using some beads, string, and scissors. You can use any beads you like, but try to choose ones that are colourful and shiny. String the beads onto a long piece of string and tie the ends together to make a loop. Then, cut out a small fish shape from cardboard or felt and glue it to the centre of the necklace. You can decorate the fish with glitter glue, sequins, or stickers to make it more attractive.

More Rainbow Fish Ideas

Rainbow Fish cake pops
Cute cake pops shaped like the rainbow fish

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