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Pumpkin Play dough

pumpkin play dough

I found this old post which had originally been part of a guest post from two years ago. The twins look really little as they are only two. I bet they would love to do this again this year. It would be interesting to see how they do the same activity.

Play Dough Pumpkins

My twins are two and I like to do activities which are quick and easy to set up. Sometimes they only do something for a couple of minutes and then wander off and it can be a bit frustrating if I have set up something complicated. I like this activity because although it is halloween it is really cute and not scary, so it’s suitable for little ones – and it is their favourite sort of play as they love play dough.

All I did was add a little orange food colouring to one lot of play dough and some green to the other. You could add some spice like cinnamon to give it an extra sensory element.

I set up the table so the twins had everything they needed. This included boards, rolling pins, Halloween cookie cutters, googly eyes and a small amount of play dough each. Having two toddlers I always make sure they have their own set of everything – to cut down on arguments!

The twins both enjoyed this activity in their own way. Charlotte likes using the cutters to make patterns. She also loves to squash the play dough so I made her lots of 3D pumpkins to squash.

Rose preferred pushing the play dough into the cutter and wasn’t really bothered about making a shape. She also liked playing with the googly eyes.

The plain pumpkin cutters worked the best. The ones with a pattern for the mouth and eyes, didn’t look as good. Both the twins liked putting the googly eyes onto the pumpkins.

These pumpkins looked so cute that I’m going to make them using salt dough or air drying clay as part of our Halloween decorations next. I can’t wait to make some real Halloween cookies too. Yum.

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