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Pumpkin Patch at Hatton Country World Review


There is only one way to start the Autumn Half Term holidays if you are in the West Midlands, UK, and that is with a trip to the Hatton Country World to pick pumpkins at the Pumpkin Patch. To be honest, Hatton is a brilliant family day out at any time of year, there is always something different to do and we have a different experience every time we visit. However, Autumn is my favourite and we’ve been going every year since the children were little. During Pumpkin Week at Hatton, the whole adventure world gets a spooky makeover. You can see a field of orange pumpkins from the car park this year. There are pumpkins and spooky Halloween figures everywhere around the park and you can follow a Halloween trail to win a prize at the end of your visit.

We love Hatton Country Park. In fact we’ve been a few times see our review of Hatton Country Park here. We left it very late this year – in fact we didn’t go until the day of Halloween and it was a bit of a last minute thing. It had rained all morning and everyone had been a bit grumpy and it seemed a long, long time until bed. I was feeling bad because I had shouted with one of the twins because she had kept messing with things I had asked her to leave alone. Suddenly the sky cleared and it seemed like a good time to get outside.

This is just a little reminder for me not to leave it so late next year.

See The Animals a Hatton Country Park

We love to see all the animals and feed them and this year we were delighted that there were so many little piglets. Pigs are Rose’s favourite animals and she was thrilled to see these little cuties. The girls always enjoy the rides. There is a good mix of funfair rides and they don’t have an additional charge. This year the twins were brave enough to go on the bouncy slide. They were so pleased to finally have
done it as it really is very high. There are also trampolines, two bouncy castles, swings, ride on tractors, a large sandpit, zip wire, pony rides and an assault course and that isn’t even including the indoor playpark.
During Pumpkin week you can go on a haunted tractor ride, see a funny show, Jasper’s revenge and have a story from a witch. There are lots of characters around the park to spot.

Hatton Country World Pumpkin Patch

When you’ve had as much fun as possible then it’s time to head to the Hatton Country World Pumpkin Patch. This year the pumpkins are huge and look amazing. It was really dry and not at all muddy. Every child gets a free pumpkin and the best bit is you can choose your own.
We always spend a long time choosing our pumpkin – it’s a big decision! The good thing is, if you get a little tired, there’s always a handy pumpkin to sit down on and take a well-deserved rest. Finally, the girls picked their favourite pumpkins. For some reason, they always have to put a pumpkin on their head for a
photo. Don’t ask me why. Strange children. We had a brilliant day at Hatton, getting outdoors in the fresh air, it really couldn’t be better.

Hatton Country World

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