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Pumpkin Halloween cards

Pumpkin Halloween Cards

Ok I know it’s still early for Halloween crafting but when you’ve got small children you have to use little pockets of time to get things done. While they were doing some dotty paintings using cotton buds I thought of a good idea for an easy Pumpkin Halloween card that they could all make.

Pumpkin Halloween cards

First we made some pumpkin shapes using cardboard tubes. These also work well as an apple. We printed them three times using orange paint on parcel paper and then filled them using cotton buds. The stalk was painted with cotton buds too using green paint and then black paint for the faces.

Pumpkin Halloween cards colouring in

They looked really cute and the girls were keen to try them. They chose their own background paper.

Pumpkin Halloween cards designing

They liked making faces the best. Molly gave her yellow eyes and a zig-zag mouth.

Pumpkin Halloween cards trial

I was really impressed with Charlotte’s as she is only four and I thought she hadn’t been watching me at all. At first it seemed like she was just printing random shapes but then I saw she had made three little pumpkins.

painting the cards

Charlotte gave her pumpkins smily mouths and a white dot for a nose.

pumpkin almost painted

I cut them out and put them on green card. To finish I just wrote Happy Halloween across the bottom.

Pumpkin Halloween cards finished

This was Molly’s card. She is 7. I put hers onto a gold card which looked really good as she had used plain white paper.

Pumpkin Halloween cards looking good

Charlotte’s card is super cute. I love the fact that the pumpkins look so happy. I think you could do this with younger children but expect the result to be a bit messier.

Pumpkin Halloween cards another version

Pumpkin Halloween cards


Here are all the cards together. Of course you could just give the children a pumpkin shape and the colours and see what they create.


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