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Pumpkin cookie stack with hidden treats inside

Hidden surprise pumpkin biscuits

A couple of years ago I made a pumpkin cookie stack after watching the Great British Bake Off. I dug the recipe out today as Molly needed something to bake at her cooking club and the photos came out so cute I thought I would repost it.

We used the original recipe with just a couple of changes to the decoration. When we cut the cookies we cut a small hole in the middle of each of the medium sized cookies. This leaves a space so you can hide treats. When you cut open the cookie the insides spill out.

Before putting the final cookie on top of the stack we added some Halloween sprinkles and some chocolate eyeballs.

On the outside of the biscuit stack we added candy eyeballs and a thin zig zag line of black icing for the pumpkin mouth.

Molly also made some ghost faces. We used two biscuits and sandwiched them together with butter icing. Then added some candy eyes and sprinkles. We’re not sure if they look like mummy’s or ghosts but they taste delicious and are perfect for Halloween.

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pumpkin cookie stack with hidden treats

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