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How to protect your home this Winter

The best feeling in the world is coming home after a hard day at work, closing the door and enjoying time as a family. I want to feel safe at home and having young children makes this even more important. Things always seem to go wrong in Winter. Or if they do it seems much worse, no one wants an expensive disaster after an expensive Christmas. The long, dark evenings are the perfect time to plan for every eventuality.

Home Insurence

Winter weather means that you are more likely to make an insurance claim. Flooding, storms and even snow can cause damage to your home. Make sure your house and contents are fully covered by your home insurance. If you are not sure you are fully covered for all eventualities then check out the premiums from Chill Insurence. It is also an easy way to save some money by getting a cheaper quote. Great for January when you have no money.

Doors and Windows

Bad weather can also have an impact on doors and windows. It is worth checking that doors and windows are secure against break-ins and also will protect the house from weather damage. Locks can be replaced and need to be checked on all external doors and windows as well as gates and sheds.

Security Cameras

As an extra precaution against theft, you might consider getting a security camera installed and fitted. This is a worthwhile investment if you spend long hours out of the house. It is worth making friends with your neighbours and giving them a phone number to call in case of an emergency in your home. Neighbourhood watch schemes work well for this if there is one in your road. If you see any suspicious activity then report to the police or inform your neighbours straight away and they will do the same thing in return.

Check Appliances

During Winter, household appliances seem to be on even more. Make sure they are working and in good condition. Boilers always seem to break down in Winter, when you really need them. It is worth getting them serviced every year to avoid a hefty cost just after Christmas. We seem to have so many more electrical appliances these days and leave them plugged in. Even something small like a mobile can cause extensive damage if left on to overheat.

Smoke Alarm

Having smoke and fire alarms can prevent fires from spreading. If you have one check the batteries regularly. You should also dust the alarm every year to ensure it is working correctly. You can also fit carbon monoxide and gas meters.

For more ideas on how to protect your home and make it even more stylish check out the free Winter Home Interiors ebook from Chill Insurence.

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