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Printing with Flowers

Printing with Flowers

The girls are all learning about flowers at the moment and I thought it would be lovely to set up some art in the garden. It has been quite a cold Spring but last weekend we had one of the warmest days so far and it was good to get outside and do some painting. I like the girls painting outside because it doesn’t matter so much if they make a mess.

Printing with Flowers

The girls were really excited about this and I wasn’t really worried about the end result as it was just fun to explore what effects could be made by printing the flowers into the paint.

I set up a large roll of paper, some paint with a sprinkle of glitter for added sparkle, and a few cut flowers which I was going to throw out as they had started to wilt.

printing with flowers

We were really surprised by how pretty the prints turned out. They looked really lovely.

printing with roses

We particularly liked how the rose looked when we used it to print. You could see the shape of the rose really clearly.

printing with roses

We liked it so much we thought it would be nice to print some cards from it.

flower printing

If you are planning on doing this you need to use a rose which is still quite tightly together and press it gently onto the paper to get a good print.

process art with flowers

The final picture is an explosion of colour. I think it would make good wrapping paper.

process art with flowers

We liked how some of the petals got stuck into the paint giving it added texture.

printing with texture

process art for kids

This is definitely something we will do again next time we have flowers we are about to throw away. I would love to see what other patterns and textures different flowers will create. I also think it would look good with something like blossom.

process art for kids

Although we never meant this to have a final product we did make a card from the flower prints. I got the girls to print a few of each of the colours onto a green piece of card. I think it would make a lovely card for Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Card

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Printing with flowers  - fun process art for kids

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