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Pressed Flower Collage

flower collage

I was delighted when my old flower press turned up from the loft. It was great timing as the flowers were starting to bloom and I wanted to make some Thank You cards for the girls’ birthdays.

flower collage

We decided to make a collage using the pressed flowers and a recent photo of Molly. Pressing flowers takes a couple of weeks so we collected flowers about a month ago. The flowers were all wild things like daisies and buttercups which are no-one will mind you picking. This is such a lovely activity for a Summer’s Day. It gets children outside and exploring nature.

flower collage

Then we put the flowers into the press along with a few roses dropped from our bush. If you don’t have a press the pages of a large book work just as well. Just put them inside some sheets of paper so it doesn’t mark the book.

flower collage

The girls enjoyed doing this sitting in the garden and it was a lovely activity to cool off in the shade after a long walk.

flower collage

The final collage was made with the photo of Molly cut into a rough circle and stuck in the middle. I put some PVA glue around the edge and Molly stuck down the flowers.

A beautiful flower collage using pressed flowers and leaves.

We added a few jewels and accents to give it a bit of sparkle. The photo is of Molly releasing her butterflies and I printed two pictures so I could cut the butterfly out and make it look 3D.

flower collage

This is an easy craft but it looks really good and is pretty enough to frame. It would be lovely as a bookmark or as a scrapbook page. I think it would be lovely for a wedding as well. You could have pictures of the bride and groom with flowers from the bouquet around them.

A beautiful flower collage using pressed flowers and leaves. Such a great idea for making cards or scrapbooking - you could also use for a wedding using some of the bouquet flowers

For more crafts involving flowers and leaves then watch this hangout with myself and some other craft bloggers.

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