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Preserve Your Kids’ Artwork with DIY Personalised Prints! 

Turn kids artwork into canvas prints

When it comes to our kids’ art, we cherish every doodle, sketch, and finger-painting. But let’s face it: our little Picassos are prolific. And there’s only so much room on the door of the fridge. 

But there’s more than one way to display those little masterpieces. With a touch of creativity, you can showcase your child’s artistic talents and elevate your interior design at the same time. 

Enter personalized prints. With a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of DIY spirit, you can transform those cherished artworks into top-quality home decor, whether that’s canvas prints, photo tiles, or even pillowcases. 

We explain how to do it below, step by step: 

Step 1: Selecting an Artwork 

Start by playing curator. Of course, every piece of art your kids make is a masterpiece in its way, but some stand out more than others. Don’t overthink it, just pick a piece that speaks to you and then ask the artist if it’s one of their favorites too. Whether you choose that splatter-effect piece that represents your kid’s “abstract phase” or that surprisingly lifelike family portrait, the important thing is that it brings a smile to your face each time you see it. 

Step 2: Perfecting the Original 

Before heading to the printers, ensure your chosen artwork is in its best possible shape. Dust off any crumbs (those crayon sessions often coincide with snack time, don’t they?) and erase any doodles that were added later. 

Step 3: Scanning and Digital Transformation 

Next you need to digitize the artwork. If you don’t have a scanner, don’t fret – a good smartphone camera can do the job so long as you capture the image in bright, natural light. Just make sure the entire drawing fits within the frame.  

Consider editing the scanned image to enhance colors and correct any minor imperfections. Programs like Adobe Photoshop can work wonders, but free alternatives like GIMP are also effective. For those seeking user-friendly options, tools like BeFunky or Canva offer an array of free features that are perfect for beginners. And don’t overlook those nifty built-in editing tools on your computer or smartphone! 

Step 4: Choosing a Material to Print On 

These days there are lots of different materials you can print artwork on, and they offer different qualities. Canvas adds texture and a lovely painterly feel, making it perfect for those bold finger paintings. Framed prints, on the other hand, give you a polished, traditional look that makes intricate details pop. 

Let’s not forget less conventional options – metal prints for example, which offer a sleek, modern look. Then there are photo tiles – handy lightfoam squares that are perfect for displaying in groups, whether in neat grids or freestyle.  

All print formats have their advantages, so choose what vibes best with your home’s style and your budget. Speaking of budget, if you’re on the hunt for a deal, check out A respected custom print provider with years of experience, they print on a variety of formats – and because they keep their prices super low, you can be sure your family art habit won’t break the bank. 

Step 5: The Printing Process 

Here’s where your child’s painting evolves into a fully-fledged work of art, so make sure that your provider offers real quality. Look for companies that use solvent-free inks and print in the highest possible resolution. 

If you print with CANVASDISCOUNT, their system will automatically measure the resolution of your uploaded picture and you’ll be offered only the print formats that are suitable for a picture of that size. You’ll also see a handy mock-up of your print, so you can double-check how it’ll look before committing. 

Step 6: The Grand Reveal 

Before long your transformed art piece will be delivered direct to your door – and will be ready to display in your home. We recommend doing a big reveal for the benefit of your young artist. Their reaction will be priceless. Wherever you hang the print, it’s sure to be a conversation starter for years to come. 

Final Thoughts: Beyond the Walls 

You can print your children’s artworks on a plethora of home accessories. Custom throw pillows, photo blankets, even tote bags are easy to find online. These make for great holiday gifts and serve as delightful keepsakes. Just imagine your morning coffee resting on a coaster featuring your little one’s first foray into finger painting! 

Personalizing your home decor isn’t just an aesthetic improvement; it also turns your living space into a treasury of precious memories. And when it comes to our kids, even the most slapdash of drawings have a special beauty of their own. 

And maybe someday that framed crayon sketch could be auctioned off at Sotheby’s for an astronomical sum. Either way, you know that its true value is simply immeasurable. 

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