Hotel Chocolat Review

If you’re looking for a really special chocolate gift then you can’t do better than Hotel Chocolat. This is a luxury brand of artisan chocolates and makes a really special present. We were sent a children’s selection box to review. The packaging looks inviting and there is a good selection of chocolates. It would make … Read more

Alternative Advent Calendar For Kids

I remember when the first chocolate advent calendars came out. One year you got a little picture of a holly bush the next you got actual real chocolate that you could eat at breakfast time. It was a revelation. Of course, before I had children I had a vague notion that as all chocolate = … Read more

Five favourite Toys

Five favourite Toys lego

We used to have a house full of books, CDs and guitars. Now it is just full of toys. Lots and lots of toys. Pink toys, red toys, plastic toys, wooden toys, big toys, little toys. If I took all the toys you can find under the sofa it would keep a whole lot of nursery … Read more