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Posh Paws Last Jedi Porg Plush

At the start of the year, we went to see The Last Jedi. I should have put a bet on which character would become Charlotte’s favourite thing ever. As soon as she saw the big-eyed Porgs she loved them. All the girls are suckers for large-eyed animals and these puffin like creatures are so adorable.

Posh Paws Last Jedi Porg Plush

We were sent the two toys from the Posh Paws Last Jedi Porg Plush collection to review and I just knew Charlotte would love them and I wasn’t wrong.

Posh Paws Last Jedi Porg Plush

One of the main criticisms of The Last Jedi films has been that so much of the plot is driven by the need to make merchandise from it. This is true of so many films these days. However, the Porgs are such a hit. They are just so funny and adorable and in keeping with the classic Star Wars characters like the Ewoks.

Posh Paws Last Jedi Porg Plush

Porg Bag Clip

My girls love taking toys to school and I have to regularly frisk them to make sure they haven’t got anything they are not supposed to have in class. The love a bag clip because it is a great way to recognise your bag and also to have a toy for you. Perfect for if you are feeling stressed or need a bit of cheering up on a Monday morning.

Porg bag clip

The Porg bag clip costs just £6.95 so it would be easy to save up your pocket money and buy it. It is a cute mini version of the loveable character. Charlotte loves his big webbed feet. porg bag clip

10″ Porg Plush

As soon as we came out of the cinema after watching The Last jedi, Charlotte started asking for a Pog. I thought she would forget about it quickly but she’s kept asking. The 10″ Porg Plush is the perfect size for porg fans. It is round and cuddly with soft strokable fur.

10" Porg Plush

The plush is so cuddly, it would be a brilliant bedtime teddy as you can really squeeze it. The 10″ Porg Plush costs £14.99 so would be a wonderful birthday present for a Star Wars fan of any age. You can also buy a 18″ Porg Plush from Argos too, if you want a life-size Porg to cuddle. Join in the Porg pandemonium!

10" Porg Plush

Disclaimer: we were sent the toys for the purpose of this review. 

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