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Polly Pocket at Chessington

Chessington carousel
Molly and Polly

In the holidays we went to Chessington World of Adventures to take part in a blogging event for Polly Pocket, from Mattel. Although, according to Molly it was called Polly Pocket World. The day was brilliantly organised with lots of fun activities for the children to do including really brilliant face painting.

While the children played with the toys and had fun doing colouring we learned a little about the background of Polly Pocket. She has had a bit of a redesign and is much bigger than I remember. You can change her clothes and there are a lot of funky houses and vehicles for her to drive.

I was interested to learn a bit about the principles of play behind the design. Apparently it is called deity play where the child creates their own little world and is free to do whatever they like. This is Molly’s favourite sort of play and as I thought she really loves playing with Polly Pocket and inventing little stories with her.

We also got to experience the fun at Chessington. I went to Chessigton about ten years ago and a lot has changed since then. It was a brilliant place for four years old and up, with lots of fun rides and a great addition of zoo animals. As we went during the holidays the rides were pretty busy, especially the ones for older children. It is definitely worth getting there early and if I went again I would get the pass so you don’t have to queue.

Chessington is split into different worlds with rides for different ages in each section. Although this would be good if you had much older children who could go off on their own, we found it a little confusing finding rides which were suitable for the twins in the under 4 age bracket. There was a lot for them to do but it was really spread out. The girls all had a wonderful time.

The sky ride was a great way to see the whole park

We were all very tired on the way home but luckily the girls had a lovely Polly Pocket toy to play with. Although, unfortunately this only kept the peace for half the journey as all the girls wanted to play with it. I guess fighting over a toy is a pretty good recommendation though.

If you would like to win your best day ever including tickets to Chessington then go to the website, where there are also lots of games and activities to try.

Disclaimer: I was provided with tickets to Chessington and a Polly Pocket toy to review. The content of this post is my own and remains honest. 

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