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Pokemon Cookies

The girls are really enjoying playing Pokemon Go and so we decided to have a Pokemon themed day where we played some fun games and did some Pokemon crafts. After all the hard work of catching Pokemon they needed a fun snack to keep them going so we decided to make Pokemon cookies shaped like Pokeball’s. These would be great at a Pokemon themed party.

Pokeball Cookies

Pokemon Cookies ingredients
Pokemon Cookies ingredients all laid out

If you are looking to make these even easier then you could just buy any round biscuits and decorate them. We used this easy biscuit recipe to make our biscuits.  Once they were cooled this is how we decorated them.

Ingredients To Make Pokemon Cookies

  • Round cookies
  • black icing
  • red icing
  • white icing
  • royal icing/jam

We also used a round cookie cutter, a sharp knife, and a rolling pin and board. To make the middle circle we used two lids one slightly bigger than the other. They were from the food colouring and vanilla pots.

Pokemon Cookies icing
Shape and cut the icing

Method: Making The Pokemon Cookies

  • Roll out the red and white icing and cut into circles
  • Cut each circle in half
  • Make the black icing into thin strips
  • Create a white and black circle using a small lid (we used one from a food colouring bottle)
  • Cut a hole in the black circle and place on top of the white circle of icing
  • Put the pieces together to make a Pokeball
  • Stick the pieces on to each cookie using a little bit of royal icing (but you could use jam)

Although I made the four on the plate below it is totally possible for children to make these themselves and look good. Above is my daughter’s Pokemon cookie. She is aged 9 and did this completely on her own. She didn’t use a cookie cutter to cut the shapes but simply moulded them with her hands. If you have a steady hand you could use royal icing and pipe the black lines on, but I think that would be much fiddlier.


After we made these cookies we went for a real life Pokemon hunt. We decorated Pokeball’s and hunted around the garden for Pokemon toys.

pokemon go cookies

The Pokeball cookies tasted really great and looked so bright and colourful.

Pokemon Cookies

To go with the Pokeballs the children also designed their own Pokemon biscuits. They made  their favourite Pokemon creatures using the cookie dough and lots of different animal cookie cutters. They also make Pokemon trainers using gingerbread men. The animals which worked best were ducks, pigs, dogs, mice and zoo animals. It didn’t really matter as they used their imaginations to make them look more like the Pokemon.


Once the cookies had cooled they used different coloured icing, icing pens and chocolate buttons for the eyes.


The good thing about the children making them themselves is that it didn’t matter if they were a bit messy and not Pinterest perfect – they loved them.

We had a whole litter of Pokemon pigs.

pokemon biscuits

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pokemon cookies 2
pokemon cookies - shaped like Pokeballs. This easy recipe is great for a party or for a burst of energy after a hard day collecting Pokemon

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