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Playmobil Unicorn Jewel Castle Review

Playmobil Unicorn Jewel Castle

Somedays it’s pretty good being a blogger’s child. Ok you can’t eat your dinner without someone taking a picture of it first but sometimes you get sent an amazing box of goodies to review. They couldn’t have been more excited when we were sent this amazing Playmobil Unicorn Jewel Castle. The box it came in was huge and there is a huge picture of the castle on the front. This would be an amazing present for someone and would work as a joint present because it is so large.

Playmobil Unicorn Jewel Castle

If your children love princesses then this is definitely the set for them. There is so much detail in it. Of course this much detail does require a bit of construction. If you were buying it fora special birthday you might need to make it the night before so it is ready. It took me 90 minutes to make from start to finish.

Luckily the instructions are really simple. I made this with the twins but I think if my eldest had been around she could have helped to make it. There is a little tool included in the set which attaches the pieces together.

Playmobil Unicorn Jewel Castle

The twins were very interested in every stage in the construction. They loved the princess figures and couldn’t wait to start playing with them.

Playmobil Unicorn Jewel Castle

The finished castle is really spectacular. It has billowing flags, beautiful jewelled windows, turrets, ribbons and even roses on the trees. It is quite compact at 39cm high but there is so much space to play and so many different possibilities. The castle has two floors with a spiral staircase going from one to the other.

Playmobil Unicorn Jewel Castle

The set has lots of movable accessories. The twins loved the fact the princess has a crown, a handbag and a rose to carry.

Playmobil Unicorn Jewel Castle

There is a table and chairs with glasses and a jug. Charlotte loved the little book for the princess to read. The outside of the house is just as pretty as inside with lots of trees and rose bushes complete with little flowers.

Playmobil Unicorn Jewel Castle

There is everything you need with this set including two princess toys and a dog. The good thing about this toy is that you can play with this any way you want – it doesn’t have to be one princess you can choose your favourite.

Playmobil Unicorn Jewel Castle

The bedroom comes complete with a bed with jewels on each post and a lovely mirror. The windows open onto a balcony area where the princesses can stand.

Playmobil Unicorn Jewel Castle

The Playmobil Unicorn Jewel Castle £49.99 This is a great price for such a detailed set which will provide many hours of fun.


This is one of our reviews as part of the Playmobil Playologist team of bloggers.

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Disclaimer: I was sent the castle as part of the Playologist Review program. the views expressed are my own and are honest. 

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