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Playmobil Playologist


I have fond memories of playing with Playmobil when I was younger. I loved all the little pieces and making lots of imaginary worlds where the characters had to do what I told them. I was really excited to find out we were to be Playmobil playologists and the girls were delighted and have spent ages pouring over the Playmobil catalogue trying to decide what they like the best. Every page is their favourite and they have yet to reach a verdict.

playmobil paddling pool

We were sent two lovely packs of Playmobil. The 1,2,3 Wading Pool is lovely for the twins. You can put real water in it which they loved. It made it a really sensory experience. The set has two characters and a dog as well as a brightly coloured rubber ring.

It is hard to get a good picture of the twins playing with the wading pool as they are so engrossed in their game they won’t stop and smile. That’s a good endorsement though! The added element of water really keeps them enthralled. It is perfect for summer playing outside.


After all that playing the Playmobil characters were pretty hungry. Luckily we were also sent a pizza man to bring them dinner. The pizza Baker only costs £2.99 but is so detailed. He comes with his own pizza, a box to put it in, a table and some canned food.

pizza baker

The girls liked to serve the pizza and took great delight in putting it in and out of the pizza box.


You can see the concentration on Charlotte’s face. She was so involved in her game.


These sets were a great first taste of playmobil fun. I think they are excellent value for money and great for if you have a range of ages of children as they can all play together. The sets really encourage play skills, imagination and speaking and listening. I’m hoping it will work on their decision making skills as they have yet to decide which set they like the best!

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Disclaimer: We were sent the Playmobil for the purposes of this review. 

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