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Playmobil Fairies Review


Ever since Molly was little she has always loved fairies. We have never really had any fairy toys – that is until we were sent some lovely toys from the  Playmobil fairies range. This really is a lovely set for a little fairy fan. It is so intricate and detailed and pretty without being over-the-top girly. the best thing is that you can play it any way you want with any characters

Playmobil Fairies: Take Along Unicorn Fairy Land

The take along unicorn fairy land is a lovely set to give as a present for a little fairy fan. The set costs £34.99 and with that you get so much to play with it will keep children entertained for hours. The best thing about this is that it is a take along set. this means that you can pick it up and take it with you, although you would need a box for the little bits. This is perfect for parents as it means that you can put it away easily when it’s finished with and take it away on holiday or if you are visiting relatives.

Take Along Unicorn Fairy Land

The set is so beautiful and detailed. The main part is a magical looking door. I think this is brilliant because the door can lead wherever you want. My girls have been imagining that there is a banqueting suite and ball room behind the door. The fairies are welcoming everyone to the fairy ball.  The door also had a lock and a cute set of keys. When I play with the girls the fairies are always losing their keys and the woodland creatures have to help find them.


I love all the details on the set, it looks so real. It really looks magical. molly was amazed when she saw the waterfall and gasped, “how did you do that?” There are lots of sweet little animals in the set, rabbits, squirrels, an owl, a swan and a fawn as well as the unicorn of course.


The set comes with two beautiful fairies. They have lovely details like bare feet and pretty wings as well as accessories you can change like a fairy staff and headdress. The girls take all their wings off them and sell them in a fairy shop.


The size of the figures is perfect for small hands. The girls especially love how you can use other figures from different sets. the other day the fairies found a Playmobil dinosaur and looked after it in fairy land. This set really is magical. It fosters children’s imagination in such a fun way. I haven’t seen any other toys like it in the market.


Playmobil Fairies: Unicorn Carriage With Butterfly Fairy

This unicorn carriage with a butterfly fairy is really pretty. Green is Molly’s favourite colour so she really loved this fairy. The set is easy to put together and you have some sparkly gems to stick on which add an extra bit of bling.

Playmobil Unicorn carriage and butterfly fairy

The unicorn pulls a sparkly carriage with flower stickers on the wheels which make it look like the fairies have crafted it from nature. The fairy is really lovely with a pink shiny staff and delicate butterfly wings. Molly has the fairy arriving at the fairy ball on her carriage.

playmobil unicorn carriage

These two sets are perfect together. If you have any special birthdays coming up then take a look at the Playmobil website. There are different themes and you are sure to find something your child will love. Although be careful letting them see the catalogue. Molly has circled everything in it saying she wants it all.


 This is one of our reviews as part of the Playmobil Playologist team of bloggers.

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