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Playmobil Egg: Zookeeper with Alpaca

Playmobil Egg: Zookeeper with Alpaca

If you are looking for an Eatser gift which is not chocolate then Playmobil eggs really are the perfect choice. They cost just £6.99 and come in a fun plastic egg which makes them great for Easter. There is a few different eggs to choose from. This year you can buy a pirate, mermaid or footballer. You can also get a cute Easter bunny school set which is lovely if you want to spend a little more money.


We were sent the Zookeeper with Alpaca. This comes in a bright yellow egg and is suitable is suitable for 3-10 year olds.


In the Playmobil egg is a zoo keeper, carrying her rake and bucket and a fluffy looking alpaca. The twins have decided she is a farmer and it is a sheep but they are happy. There are also a few leaves and vegetables to feed the alpaca.


I love the details on the Playmobil figures. The zoo keeper comes complete with a hat and welly boots. She also has a cute dungerees and a floral top.


These eggs will last much longer than an expenside chcolate egg and are much more fun.


Disclaimer: This is a post as part of our role as a Playmobil Playologist. 

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