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Open Ended Play with Playmags


I can honestly say Playmags are now the favourite toy in this house. I love toys which provide children lots of opportunities for open-ended play, for using their imaginations and creating their own worlds. Playmags do just that. You can make whatever you want and are only restricted by your imagination.

If you haven’t heard of Playmags before then they are a set of plastic shapes with strong magnets inside. They stick together so you can make buildings and vehicles. The magnet is really strong so you can create any structure you want. You can move them around but can’t lift them. The shapes are really bright and colourful. They are transluscent and look amazing with the light shining through. We were sent the Playmags 50pc Building Set with Car which comes with a good variety of different shapes to get you started. This set Includes – 8 x triangles; 19x Squares; 2 x big Squares; 6 x Equilateral triangles; 4x Long triangles; 4x Rectangles; 1 x Car base; 6x Windows. There is enough that you wouldn’t need another set.

Playmags are unique because the magnet is equally strong whichever way you place them. This means you can flip them over or upside down and they will still work. It gives you endless possibilities and means that children can explore and learn without needing any adult help. Although, you’ll want to join in because building amazing structures is really fun.

The car which comes with the set adds even more possibilities as you can make your own vehicles. I love this car the girls built. They have already asked for a couple more cars for Christmas and I have seen you can even buy a remote controlled car.

At the moment the girls love building hosues. I love the fact that this encourages cooperation as they enjoy working together to build something amazing. Once you have build something you can use it with any other toys. The girls love little figures. These fit perfectly inside the houses and the Playmags really enhances their play.

As a teacher, I can’t help thinking of the educational value of play experiences. Playmags has so many things you could tick off on a lesson plan and it really would be ideal for schools and playgroups. It works on the fine motor skills as you build. There are so many maths concepts with 2D and 3D shapes but also it is giving a good sense of spacial awareness. Then there is the use of imagination, drama and speaking and listening once you are playing with the toy. If enducational toys are what you are looking for then really Playmags have it covered.

The finished structures look really beautiful. The transluscent plastic makes them glow like a stained glass window.

This Playmags 50pc set is RRP £67.99. We have only had our set a few weeks but the girls have plyed it for several hours every day. It is suitable for children aged 36 months to 12 years so would be a great investment for a young child.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Playmags for the purposes of this review. 

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