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Play Dough Numbers: Ice Cream

Play dough learning

Play dough learning

A day without ice cream is a day lost. 

That is one of our family mottos. Sometimes though you need pretend ice cream. We made this Neapolitan play dough to use for some stealth learning activities. The play dough is pretty simple to make. Simply split into three parts. Then add cocoa powder to one, vanilla to one and pink food colouring and strawberry essence to the third. It can then be stored in ice cream tubs for added authenticity. This really does smell amazing.

ice cream numbers

Molly was given a lovely set of ice cream play toys from Ikea when the twins were born. They are intended for use in the sand pit but work great for play dough. You could use bowls instead. I also used these ice cream scoops from the pound shop.
ice cream numbers

The learning aspect of this comes with a bit of role play. One of the girls is the ice cream seller and asks the other how many scoops they want. We then matched the scoops to the correct number.



ice cream numbers

The girls love to walk around the house shouting “Ice cream, ice cream, anyone for ice cream?”

ice cream numbers

Making play dough ice creams is so much fun and the repetition of the counting really works. You could also bring in some money with playing for the ice creams too.

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Learn to count using Neapolitan ice cream play dough

Last week we used the same play dough to make cakes for numbers. See the post about play dough cakes here.

play dough numbers

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