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Pizza Party with the Num Noms

Pizza Making Party with the Num Noms at Bella Italia in Nottingham

Yesterday, we went to a pizza making party at Bella Italia in Nottingham with the Num Noms. These cute characters are the twins’ favourite toy, pizza is their favourite food and Nottingham is where I went to University with their date so it was the perfect day out for all concerned.


When we arrived the room was full of Num Noms. The girls were in heaven. If you haven’t heard about Num Noms they are a scented collectable toy. They look like cute little animals crossed with food. The girls love to make ice cream sundaes stacking the Num Noms on top of each other. You can also get accessories, like plates and pizza boxes. The twins really enjoyed playing with the large ice cream van.


Num Noms are made up of two parts. The girls particularly like the motorised Noms. These are cute little toys which use a small battery to spin around the room. They enjoyed searching for the motorized Noms in the large selection.


After playing, the girls had fun conducting a smell test. They had to guess the flavour hidden under the cloth.


This was such a fun party game and the girls did really well. They struggled to guess mustard flavour.


they also liked the Num Nom themed eye masks. They did guess that the marshmallows were Num Nums. This goes to show how delicious the Num Nums smell.


We then set about making our pizzas. This was very serious work, apparently.


The pizzas were really delicious. They had a light crispy base and as the children had made them they were guaranteed to have the toppings they wanted.


The girls enjoyed designing their favourite Num Nums while they waited for their pizza. This is a good way to keep little ones from getting bored.


They also enjoyed the face painting activity although the twins didn;t want to get their faces painted but instead had their favourite Num Noms drawn on their arms.


After eating pizza you have to have ice cream. I’m pretty sure its the law. The girls loved being abe to choose their own flavours from the gelato bar.


We had a lovely time and the girls enjoyed having their favourite Num Noms on their arms for the rest of the day. It definitely made the long tour of places Mummy and daddy used to go when they were at University more enjoyable!


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Disclaimer: We were invited to a pizza party at Bella Italia or the purposes of this review.

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