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Have you tried Pinterest yet? I can honestly say it is my favourite social network. It is beautiful and inspiring – a great place to spend five minutes when you need a break from grumpy toddlers. I think of Pinterest a bit like the line in Breakfast at Tiffanies – “nothing very bad can happen to you there.”


I have tried to explain what to do on Pinterest a few times and my explanation always goes:

Look at pretty things, pin pretty things….and relax!

Of course there is a bit more to it than that. If you see something on the Internet which is simply brilliant and you don’t need it now but you know one day you will then Pinterest is the place to store it. It’s the one place you can hoards to your hearts content and not need a bigger house. For bloggers or companies wanting to get their message out it is also a brilliant place to promote your content – especially if it is highly visual. Most traffic to my blog comes through Pinterest.


The board I chose to feature for the Pinterest Pin it Forward Campaign was my Fun Education Ideas. As a teacher and parent I am always looking for brilliant ways to get kids learning without them noticing. It’s stealth teaching. I love active, colourful engaging activities that seem more fun than hard work. Here you will find anything from reading, to science to learning maths facts or about the natural world.


I have several other favourite boards. My blog board of course because that’s where I pin all the things we do. Then I have the two boards I use the most Fun Family Activities, which is full of crafts and kids activities. The other is Family Recipes which is full of all the tasty treats I would love to cook one day. I also have boards for specific holidays, art activities, cardboard creations and several brilliant collaborative boards which are packed full of amazing activities from different kids activity bloggers and a great source for inspiration.

Follow 1978rebecca on Pinterest: A grest place for crafts, learning activities and family fun!

I am delighted to Pin it Forward to the amazing Jennifer Howze, one of the founders of the blogging network Britmums and the blogging conference Britmums Live, who you can also follow on Pinterest. Jennifer also has a personal blog Jenography and you can follow her incredibly cool boards on Pinterest. Make sure you check out her post tomorrow. Also leave me your Pinterest username in the comments below. I’d love to find some new people to follow.

Pin it Forward!

Pin It Forward UK 2013

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