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Philips Esee HD Camcorder Review

Philips HD Camcorder

Can a budget gadget match up to it’s more expensive cousins? We tried out a budget camcorder — the Philips Esee HD Camcorder to see if it’s low price tag would mean its not such good quality. The camera costs under £50 but will it be up for the job of filming during the holidays?

Philips HD Camcorder

The camcorder is really small and light. It’s great to fit into your handback and take out for the day – perfect for a day trip with the kids. The screen flips out and is much bigger than you’d expect. It’s also a good quality screen so you can easily see what is happening. It is very light to hold which is good for the parent of twins who will no doubt be holding onto bags, coats or toddlers with the other hand but still trying to keep the camcorder steady.

Philips HD Camcorder

The camcorder is incredibly easy to use . My 6yo loves it and enjoys making her own little films. I was impressed that it had a touch screen – even at that budget price. You can take films or still pictures. The camcorder films in HD and the quality of the films is really good. I think the picture quality is even better than my mobile phone. The colours are really crisp and clear. Downloading the films is easy as there is a built in adapter which you can put straight into a computer or television.  It would be nice if you could  store a few more films on the camcorder itself but this is a minor inconvenience

I am really impressed with this camcorder – it might not have all the functions as a more expensive model but it is great to take with you on family days out and capture those precious memories.

Disclaimer: This was a part of the Inspect a Gadget campaign from Money Supermarket. I was sent the camcorder for the purposes of this review. 

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