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Pet Sitting vs. Boarding for Your Dog While You’re Away

Pet Sitting vs. Boarding for Your Dog While You’re Away

You completed all the preparations when you brought home your new puppy, but what about when you have to travel and can’t take the dog with you and the family? There are two options available: pet sitting and a boarding kennel. Either choice is excellent, but one will likely be superior depending on your dog. This blog post will discuss pet sitting vs. boarding for your dog while you’re away.

The Difference Between the Two

Dog boarding is like taking your pup to a hotel where all the guests are other pets. There was a time when the only option pet owners had was boarding their dog at the local kennel.

Pet sitting is when you hire a qualified person to stop by a few times a day to feed, walk and tend to your dog’s needs. You may also choose for them to stay at your home so that they can keep an eye on your house and pets at the same time.

Some dogs do great with boarding, while others would rather stay at home while you’re away. It all depends on your pet.

When To Choose Boarding

If you have a puppy, boarding may be the best option. Puppies need frequent potty breaks and lots of attention. You can rest assured that your dog receives plenty of social time and stimulation when you choose a reputable dog boarding facility.

Your fur baby may also do better with 24-hour care if your dog is prone to separation anxiety.

When To Choose Pet Sitting

Do you have more than one dog or perhaps other pets that need to be cared for while you’re away? Pet sitting may be the best option if that’s the case. If your dog has other companions to keep them company, they won’t feel as lonely. Plus, your pets may feel more secure in the comfort of their home, especially if your dogs are older.

When deciding pet sitting vs. boarding for your dog while you’re away, think your choice through. You want to ensure you’re finding the best fit for your pup, so you and the family can relax while traveling.

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