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Your own personal chef from Belle Assiette

toasted marshmallow brulee

Having children really puts a damper on your social life. It’s so hard to arrange a night out that we tend to save it for special occasions, even then needing a babysitter makes it hard to organise. Which is why the idea of a personal chef from Belle Assiette is such a genius one. Instead of going out you get restaurant quality food in your house. It;s the best idea I’ve heard for a long time. No babysitters, taxis or washing up. It’s perfect.

I was really excited to host our first dinner party with Belle Assiette but a little nervous as well. Would our kitchen be big enough? Would it be strange having someone cooking in our house? Would the chef swear as much as Gordan Ramsey?

Simple and stylish Chistmas table

See how we decorated our table here: Creating a stylish Christmas table on a budget

It turned out I had no need to worry. Our chef, Stuart Brown rang early in the week to confirm what time he would come and any dietary needs. He arrived promptly with boxes and boxes of equipment and was friendly and professional. It was actually wonderful having someone else cooking as we could relax and talk to our guests and actually enjoy the food. Normally at a party, the host is running around getting everything ready and doesn’t have a moment to actually enjoy themselves. The chef from Belle Assiette takes care of everything so all I had to do was make sure everyone’s wine glass was full.

homemade artisan bread

One of the good things about using Belle Assiette is that they bring everything they need to serve the food. We used our cutlery and side plates for the bread and they provided everything else.  It was really hard waiting for the food to be served as it smelt so amazing. Our meal started with a selection of homemade artisan bread served with oils and butter. I always try not to load up on carbs when I’m eating a big meal but the bread was too delicious not to eat every piece.

While we were eating Stuart was busy preparing the next course. This was poached and smoked salmon terrine with lemon oil. This lovely, light starter was packed with flavour.

I have never known a dinner party go so quiet as when we were served the main course. Everyone was stunned to silence by the delicious flavours. It was corn fed chicken, wild mushrooms, lentils and thyme and root vegetable puree. I con honestly say it was one of the nicest meals I have ever eaten.

corn fed chicken, wild mushrooms, lentils and root vegetable puree

After the main course, we had a detox drink of spiced rum. This was pretty strong but really cleansed the palate ready for the last course.

spiced rum detox

When I saw popcorn was on the menu for the dessert, I couldn’t have been happier, and it didn’t disappoint. The pudding had a bonfire theme with toasted marshmallow brûlée, caramelised banana, popcorn and chocolate.

toasted marshmallow brulee

It was a firecracker of a pudding and a wonderful end to the meal.

toasted marshmallow brulee

Although we hadn’t quite finished, we were left with melt in the mouth truffles. The meal had been a perfect balanced with each course packed full of fresh ingredients. Our chef took the time to explain what was in each part of the meal and it ran at our pace so we didn’t have to wait for anything to be ready.

chocolate truffles

Ok, I’ll admit it, the food was an absolute dream, but the fact there was no washing up was a big bonus. Stuart washed as he went along and all the surfaces were left pristine and sparkling. I don’t know how he did it! If I cook a big meal then every surface and every pot and pan is dirty by the end. At the end of the night, all we had to do was was a couple of cups.

I really loved the experience of having a personal chef. It would be really lovely for a special occasion, like a family birthday or anniversary. Prices start at £39 per guest which is amazing when you don’t have to sit in a busy drafty restaurant but can enjoy a restaurant-quality meal in the comfort of your own home. If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for someone then definitely consider their gift packages, a meal for two costs £199 and you can even get a cooking class at home with one of the chefs. Belle Assiette is a wonderful service, and the perfect way to treat your friends and family and make them feel really special.

Disclaimer: We had an evening with a personal chef for the purposes of this review. 

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