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Peppa Jump in Muddy Puddles – Review



If the twins could name their favourite things then Peppa Pig would come pretty high up on the list. So would jumping in muddy puddles. So a toy Peppa Pig which jumps in muddy puddles is bang on the money.


This is a really cute toy for peppa fans. If you press it’s tummy it jumps rather well off the floor and says some of Peppa’s well-known phrases such as: “I love jumping in muddy puddles.” The thing I loved the most is that it counts to ten – great for little ones to practice their counting skills. I would have liked the button to be easier to push but I think that is because the age guideline is for 3+ and this age would be able to work it out very quickly. Peppa

The video below shows the Peppa toy working and you can hear one of the twins counting along (confusingly it isn’t the one in the video as they were in one of those moods where I couldn’t get them to sit in the same spot for five minutes at a time)

This is the sort of toy which is brought out every now and then and gives everyone a laugh. I like keeping something like this out the way and just getting it down when the kids need a distraction. It is great for that and did get the twins up and jumping around – so would break a grumpy mood.

Peppa The toy costs around £20 which I think is pretty reasonable for something which will give a lot of pleasure.


Peppa Jump in Muddy Puddles

Disclaimer: I was sent this toy for the purposes of this review. The views expressed are my own and remain honest. 

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