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The School Run Battle


We are delighted to announce a LIVE Pay-Per-View event brought to you by Mummy Mania (MMM). Coming direct from My Sitting Room you can witness the grudge match between Rebecca AKA Mummy Fury and the, as yet undefeated, tag team the “Twins Terrors”.

You have never seen a battle like it. There will be 100% more foot stamping, pouting, tantrums and screaming than in the WWE UK tour 2013.

Today saw a stunning defeat by the Twin Terrors. Mummy Fury took a brave stand insisting that they wear all their clothes to school, including socks and knickers. At first it looked like a walk over as the twins both attacked, trapping Mummy Fury in blizzard of shoes and socks. Somehow Mummy Fury managed to claw it back and get the girls ready for the school run with the right amount of foot and underwear between them. She glimpsed success and even started to do a victory dance. It’s never good to celebrate too soon.

Just as it looked like the battle was won and they would make it to school on time, disaster struck. It was raining! Tired from the previous battle, Mummy Fury’s energy was flagging. The twins saw their chance. One started the fight to not wear a coat and the other to bring all her teddy bears with them. The clock was counting down. If they didn’t leave the house by 8.30 the battle was lost. Mummy Fury knew she must concede the battle to be in with a chance of the ultimate title of Champion of the House.

A post describing the epic battles with my 3 year olds.

The Battle Continues….

Who will be named winner this week in THE SCHOOL RUN Battle? Tune in tomorrow and witness the carnage live as the mighty teams battle it out to the end. At 8am you will see the grudge match as they struggle over whether the Twin Terrors can watch another episode of Ben and Holly before breakfast. Watch out for a surprise appearance from the twins’ big sister and stealth fighter Super M.J. notorious for sneaking in at the last minute and tagging in behind the umpire’s back to attack Mummy Fury. Her weapons of choice are homework that should have been done yesterday and a surprise request for a fancy dress competition. Can Mummy Fury remain in charge? Come back tomorrow and see.

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Upcoming Events

This month also sees some other unmissable events.

  • Cass “The Femme Frugal” Bailey from Frugal Family is rarely seen in the ring. Catch her later in the month as she prepares to battle “The Xbox Avenger”. Look out for her signature, match winning move, giving the children an extra ten minutes on the Xbox so that they think they have won, little do they know it is all a ruse and when the time is up they concede defat without a further battle.
  • The husband and wife partnership of The Parrots is proving an effective threat against that notorious wrestler “The Toddler”. Cat from Yellow Days choses which of the team will be best to get The Toddler into his booster seat or down for a nap.
  • The wrestler known only as PinkOddy has an epic battle this month. Look out for BREAKFAST VII. She is one determined fighter and this is a battle she is not prepared to lose.
  • Watch notorious fighter Sharon Donnolly AKA IheartMotherhood fight it out in DINNERTIME III The Grand-slam of Greens. After a string of recent defeats she is planning to bring out her secret weapon THE FREEZER MEAL. This fight is not to be missed.
  • Cas AKA MummyNeverSleeps is hoping to break the status quo which has seen her win only 50% of battles to get her children to listen to her.
  • Laura AKA TiredMummyofTwo has put her glove in the ring and will be contesting the hotly disputed title of Grand-Slam Leader . She will need to pull out all the stops to get her opponents to listen to her so she doesn’t lose energy saying the same thing three times.
  • Helen “Kiddycharts” Neale has recently been struggling and losing every battle in the popular BEDTIME series. Backstage gossip has reported that at times she has seemed more preoccupied with the after show drinks and nibbles. Perhaps this has prompted her recent move to management which has seen her partner The Daddy stepping in to the ring, under her skilful guidance. It’s looking like the team to watch.
  • Fresh from her recent victory winning The Country’s Funnest Mum title the undisputed champion Penny from The Alexander Residence  is the big draw this month. You can see her defending her title in THE BATTLE OF THE TOOTHBRUSH. Will her team talk from coach The Dentist help her retain her trophy?

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