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Papier Mache Hen

papier mache hen

This week I have made a papier mache hen as a craft challenge set by Michelle from MollyMoo. The challenge was to make a hen from papier mache to reflect your country.

papier mache hen

Mine is an English Rose hen – it had to be really! I decorated it using some lovely wrapping paper covered with english roses. The challenge came because there was a demand for patterns to make the hen. I decided to make it without a pattern – just using the images from Michelle’s original papier mache hens post. Although it was tricky it was definitely possible. I used a cereal box to make the hen and the only part which gave me any real difficulties was making the back fit the sides. Also the twins finished their sticking activity I had given them and wanted to play with the hen. Not so easy to do sticking with two wriggly toddlers sitting on your lap.

papier mache hen

To find a round up of all the hen challenge posts make sure you visit Molly Moo and visit the Pinterest board. It’s such a lovely craft blog too and you are sure to find a million projects to make. I always find something there to inspire me.

hen challenge

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