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Paper Plate Minions Craft

Paper plate minion craft

Do your children love Minions? The new film hasn’t even come out yet and yet my girls are just obsessed with them. Everything has to be yellow, which makes a lovely change from all that pink. They want to do anything to do with minions and so I wanted to make a minion craft with them at the weekend as I knew they would love it. I found some bright paper plates in minion colours – yellow and blue and instantly knew what we could make.

Paper Plate Minions
Materials at the ready for the Paper Plate Minions

Materials You Will Need To Make Your Paper Plate Minions

  • Blue and yellow paper plates (you could paint them first)
  • Black and white craft foam/card
  • Pom poms (or large googly eyes)
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • Aluminum foil
  • Permanent marker
Paper plate minion craft
Having a picture of a minion is handy

How To Make The Paper Plate Minions

  • I cut the yellow plate into an oval.
  • Then cut the blue one so it looks like dungarees.
  • Use a black strip of craft foam across the face
  • Add eyes using a circle of tin foil then a circle of white craft foam and then a black pom pom.
  • Make a black strip of craft foam for across the face
  • We made arms and feet using the rest of the paper plates.
  • Stick small pieces of pipe cleaners to make the hair.
  • Used a small crescent shape of craft foam to make the mouth.
  • Draw details on the head and body using the permanent marker.
Paper plate minion craft
Stu the Minion taking shape

Make Multiple Paper Plate Minions Of Different Characters

The paper plate minion turned out pretty cute. The girls loved to make these and although they watched what I was doing they had their own ideas.

Paper plate minion craft
The girls loved making the Paper Plate Minions

I didn’t show them what to do but let them do things their own way. I could tell they were watching what I did to make my minion but they weren’t interested in copying me exactly.

Paper plate minion craft
The finished Paper Plate Minion

Rose (aged 4) spent a lot of time making drawing the picture on the minions tummy.

Paper plate minion craft
Another finished minion

Charlotte (age 4) made a very sad looking minion.

Paper plate minion craft
The more minions the better!

Molly (age 7) used the pen to draw the eyes and hair. She also made a cupcake and a banana for her Minion to hold.

Paper plate minion craft
Getting creating with the minion craft

Paper Plate Minion Craft Summary

This is a really simple project for a Minion fan. The colours of the plates mean that it easy to make it look like a Minion, even if you are not very confident. The fact there are so many different Minions means you can come up with your own designs and be really creative.

Paper plate minion craft

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Paper plate Minion craft for kids

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