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Paper Plate Daffodils

paper plate daffodils

I’ve been wanting to make some daffodils since the start of Spring. They are such a lovely flower and the twins love to spot them when we are in the car.  I like having them in the house but they never seem to last for long. I saw some small paper plates in the supermarket and thought they would be perfect.

paper plate craft

To make the paper plate daffodils we used:

  • small paper plates
  • cardboard rolls
  • pipe cleaners
  • paint (yellow and orange)
  • double sided sticky tape and sellotape
  • green craft foam
  • juice bottle
  • felt
  • ribbon
paper plate painting

The girls had great fun painting the plates. We haven’t got the big paint out for a while and they spent most of the morning painting plates different colours. We got three yellow ones though so that was good. I might use the others for their Easter bonnets.

painting cardboard tubes

Charlotte also painted the tubes orange. Once they were painted she cut zig zag patterns on one end.

crafting with cardboard tubes

After I cut the petals out we stuck the pieces together using double sided tape.


We attached a green pipe cleaner for the stem. The twins loved cutting leaves out of green craft foam . This was a good activity for them as it didn’t matter if they were all different lengths.

paper plate daffodils

The jar was made with an empty juice bottle. We wrapped a strip of felt around it and tied a bow with ribbon. We put the daffodils and leaves into the pot.

Pretty paper plate daffodils for kids to make. A lovely craft for Spring.

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origami flowers

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