Painting with Pumpkins

One of my girls favourite things to do is potato prints. They like being able to make a pattern easily and of course it’s very messy! This time of year the best thing to use for printing though is pumpkins. I really like the smaller varieties as they have a floral shape.

pumpkin painting

This year we did some pumpkin painting in the garden with some very flowery pumpkins and brightly coloured paint. We just used a large roll of brown parcel paper to paint on and took the opportunity of a sunny day to get outside.

pumpkin painting

I cut the pumpkins in half but to be honest I didn’t do a brilliant job as they weren’t particularly flat and so didn’t get a perfect print.

pumpkin painting

Not that the girls minded.


They wanted to make some pictures of pumpkins so I got out the orange and black and cut some potatoes into eye and nose shapes. I also got some green paint and cut a potato into a stalk shape.

pumpkin painting

I used paper plates for the paint to make it easy to throw away.

pumpkin painting

I didn’t give the girls any instructions but let them go ahead and make their own. Rose wanted to stick to pink paint.

pumpkin painting

Charlotte decided she really had to use a paint brush.

pumpkin painting

The final pumpkins looked really cute. These were Molly’s which she made without any help.

pumpkin painting

The only problem I always find with painting is that I need someone to come and clear up the mess.

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