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Top Items You Need When Moving Home


Moving home is often cited as one of the most stressful events in our everyday lives. So why not make moving as painless as possible by ensuring you have everything you need to sufficiently cope with the immediate change in your circumstances?

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A list of essential items is likely to vary according to your specific situation. If you’re moving from rented accommodation into your first home, chances are you’ll need many more basic items than the average homeowner. Many household items can be purchased or updated over time, which avoids the necessity of shelling out large sums of cash straightaway. Yet whether you make do and mend, happily accept hand-me-downs or flash the cash, there are a few essentials that you simply can’t do without.

Privacy is pertinent

Don’t encourage nosy neighbours to enjoy an intimate knowledge of your interiors. Ensure you are equipped with appropriate window coverings, such as curtains or blinds. Taping up makeshift coverings may be one solution, but it can add more work to an already extensive to-do list. As much as you may wish to put off prying eyes, you’ll still want to enjoy your new view.

 Bear in mind that you’ll need to bring along or borrow a toolbox for the day. Even putting up curtains may require the use of some basic DIY bits and bobs and it’s always handy to have a hammer.

Fundamental furnishings

Kitting out a new abode can cost a fortune. For many people it takes time and considerable investment to fully furnish a home. Avoid an expensive initial outlay by opting for hand-me-downs or sprucing up second-hand items. However you choose to use your available budget, there are a few basics you’ll require straightaway. You’ll need storage solutions, such as wardrobes or chests of drawers, as well as seating and sleeping arrangements. Day beds for example make an ideal initial investment as they can be used for both seating and sleeping and once your house is looking more like a home, they offer an attractive and functional addition to any spare room.

Essential appliances

Your new home may already be fitted with fully functioning appliances, or you may discover a dearth of domestic devices. You’ll need a fridge and an oven at the very least with a washing machine next on your wish list. You may need to replace unreliable, existing appliances or purchase additional labour-saving devices, such as dishwashers.

Whatever you do, make sure you also have one particular appliance to hand when moving into your new home. Keep an eye on the box containing your kettle. This essential item of equipment will fuel your workforce on moving day.

Don’t forget to pack the kids!

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