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Outdoor Walks #SaltrockSoul

Saltrock clothing - microfleece

With the weather starting to improve, it is finally feeling like Spring. It’s the perfect time to get outside for a walk. There is nothing better than a walk in the woods or by the sea to make you feel better. The only problem is that in our country you still need to wear lots of layers to keep you toasty. This is one of the reasons why I love Saltrock clothing. there are hoodies and cute T-Shirts all perfect for long walks in a variety of weather.

Saltrock clothing - microfleece

I particularly like the microfleece hoodies which are really suited to the cold winds of Spring.

Saltrock clothing - microfleece

Saltrock Minolia- Microfleece Lined Hoody £25.00

Saltrock clothing - microfleece

I was sent a Minolia Microfleece Lined Hoody to review and to be honest i haven’t taken it off since it arrived. It is just so cosy with supersoft fleecy fabric. The colour is a sort of mushroom colour which goes with everything. I love the simple details of the Saltrock Badge.

Saltrock clothing - microfleece

The problem with wearing tracksuits is that they can look baggy and unflattering. the cut of the Saltrock track pants is much more fitted and looks really good while still being comfortable.

Saltrock clothing - microfleece

Again the fabric is so soft. These are the sort of clothes you pull on after a hard day at work to relax. It almost feels like you are wearing pajamas.

Saltrock Rosemary – Track Pant – Black Bean £22.50

It is hard to get the girls to wear sensible clothes. Even when we are going for a hike on the beach or a walk in the woods they want to wear party dresses and ballet pumps. This purple hoody was a big hit. It has a fluffy lining to keep you warm even if you are wearing a Summer dress below. We both loved the pattern of flying birds. It looks great and is so warm and comfortable. Even my super fussy daughter approved and said that it’s brilliant for climbing trees. 

Saltrock Dawnflower – Borg Lined Zip Thru Hoody – Purple £25.00children's hoody Saltrock

Disclaimer: We were sent a voucher to use in store for the purposes of this review. 

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