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Outdoor Play: Leaves and Pumpkins

outside play

I love this time of year for getting out and about. the leaves are starting to fall, and fall in crisp piles on the ground. There are so many lovely outdoor and sensory play activities at this time of year.

Photo by Vitolda Klein on Unsplash

It’s still looking quite green in our favourite woods near our house but the trees are starting to show a mixture of colours and in some places there are conkers falling.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Our favourite outside activity is probably the simplest. the girls all take their buckets and we go off into the woods and they collect as many leaves and seeds from the trees as they can. It works well as the twins are not great walkers yet and sometimes it will motivate them to get out of the pram. The aim is to get conkers and pine cones but a collection of leaves is almost as good.  I took loads of pictures but my favourite picture of the day is here.

Welly boots are a must at this time of year. There is always a puddle or two to explore. Next time I’m taking a spare pair of trousers as Charfotte decided to sit in a puddle right after this picture was taken. Great!

Photo by Rupert Britton on Unsplash

When we got home we put everything we collected in a big box and the girls played with it as a sensory play activity. They loved just raking through the leaves and talking about the different colours. I made sure I removed any sharp leaves and checked they didn’t put them in their mouths. Luckily they are past that stage but I was still vigilant as you just never know with toddlers.

After that we started to sort the leaves into shapes and colours. We lay them all on a rug and made a rainbow out of them with the different shades. the girls all loved this activity. Then we taped some onto paper and did some leaf rubbings. The twins liked doing this and Molly loved it and started to get some good results.

Photo by Tolga Ulkan on Unsplash

Later we got some of the leaves and stuck them down to form large pictures. the twins just liked sticking them in a line. molly stuck the leaves to make a funfair ride and slide. She helped me to make a leaf man. I was going to try to make him stand up but ran out of time. he is having a nice cup of tea from his acorn mug though.

The conkers were the biggest hit. The girls love finding them and playing with them. Rose liked putting them in a line. We sorted all the conkers we found into one bucket. Can you guess how many we found?

Photo by Kai Joseph on Unsplash

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