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Getting Organised

I’m always trying to be more organised. There is so much to remember all the time and it seems impossible to keep on track of everything when you are a busy parent. Which is why this clever A3 magnetic organiser will be really helpful in the new term. It goes on the fridge so everybody can see it.

This is really versatile organiser as it is a whiteboard so you can adapt it to suit your family. There are enough boxes for each day of the week as well as a large box which would be great for a shopping list. I decided to have a box for each of the girls so they know what to do that week and can tick it off. There is a circle for the ticks. Although this is perfect for the fridge it would also be good in an office where you could tick off your tasks. Students could also use it for revision.

As well as the planner you also get three whiteboard pens. These are also magnetic so can go on the fridge next to the planner. They also have a handy rubber on the end so you can erase items when they are completed.

The planner costs just £12.99 at the moment on Amazon. Which is a great price for never forgetting a birthday or a PE kit again.

Disclaimer: We were sent the planner for the purposes of this review. 

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